Dickinson Estate Wines

Dickinson Estate Wines are produced from selected fruit from the Dickinson Estate Vineyard in the beautiful Blackwood Valley Wine Region, nestled in the heart of the South West of Western Australia.

Undoubtedly the most scenic wine region in the state of Western Australia, the Blackwood Valley is home to 19 wine producers and 50 vineyards.

With plantings in excess of 450 hectares of premium varieties, the most prominent varieties of the region include Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot.  Vines were first planted in the Blackwood Valley over 40 years ago and the region has been producing exceptional quality fruit and wines ever since.

The unique flavours of the area are characterized with earthy undertones in the Cabernet and Shiraz and golden honey flavours in the white wine varieties

The Blackwood Valley enjoys a Mediterranean style climate with reliable rains during winter and early spring followed by an ideal hot and dry, fruit ripening summer.  The rains are formed over the Indian Ocean and pass across pollution free farming lands before falling over the vineyard and surrounding hills.

The Dickinson Estate vineyard was established in 1994.  Prior to the vineyard being planted, the property had a long history of being a sheep and cattle farm. This livestock grazing history has provided very rich soil with a natural fertilizer base.  The vines thrive on the natural nutrients in the rich soils.  During the non-fruit bearing period, the farm sheep graze amongst the vines, reducing the weed burden while at the same time, re-fertilizing the soils.

Dickinson-Estate Wines - Western Australia - WA Vineyards Dam

Water for irrigation over the summer months is collected from the winter creek which flows through the Estate carrying fertile run-off from the farming lands around the vineyard.  The water from the creek has an abundance of extra natural nutrients, collected as it passes over livestock grazing paddocks.

Dickinson Estate produce exceptional quality, cool-climate wines. Handcrafted by our award-winning winemakers, they offer intense flavour and elegance.



Luke Eckersley and Coby Ladwig of Plantagenet Wines in Mount Barker, WA.

Luke Eckersley and Coby Ladwig of Plantagenet Wines in Mount Barker, WA

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